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We are Bunker Relation, a leading shipping firm with a passion for shipping, freight, supply and trading. 


Bunker Relation is a leading player in the bunker industry, offering comprehensive solutions worldwide. 

We specialize in trading and supplying bunker fuel, providing reliable and efficient services to meet the diverse needs of our customers.


We provide integrated freight solutions that go beyond a standard freight service

By offering a one-stop-shop approach - assuming full responsibility of your entire port-to-port operations including ocean transportation and transshipment, we are able to improve the efficiency of your supply chains at a lower fixed cost, and absorb any potential risks.

Whether you're seeking reliable fuel supplies for transportation, industrial, or commercial applications, trust Bunker Relation for innovative solutions and exceptional service in the refined oil products industry. 


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Mads Haglund Hansen
Trading Director / Partner
+45 53 84 08 88 

Anders Nolting Bundgaard
CFO / Partner 
+45 53 64 67 07